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Our History


Skullcandy was born the son of a notorious and irreverent extreme sports addict. Rick Alden one day receives a call on his cell phone while he was riding a chairlift to snowboard. At that moment he was listening to music, and while he frantically took off his gloves and disconnected the headphones he had an idea: “to be able to listen to music and answer calls at the same time. That idea, in that chairlift, that day, was the foundation on which Skullcady was founded.

Rick set out to make his idea a reality just as he did everything in his life, from skating to snowboarding. His enthusiastic attitude attracted like-minded people. They changed the monochrome hearing aid industry.
In short, it worked. In a sea of black and white headphones we became innovators with color and style. We teamed up with pioneers who lived life to the fullest, as artists, athletes and DJs, and we grew events outside of the conventional. Skullcandy grew and earned its place on store shelves and in the heads of trendsetters everywhere.
Today Skullcandy is a global brand that expands boundaries. We modernize audio and make it high fidelity and affordable. Most importantly we design our headphones to be worn all the time, not to sit on a cupboard or in an expensive case. 


We firmly planted the Skullcandy flag in sports, music, culture, art, film, fashion, youth and we are about to become experts in pushing human potential with the power of music. Our goal is simple: innovate to solve problems and generate audio experiences with great quality and style. We inspire life at maximum volume.


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